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Timucuan Preserve – Theodore Roosevelt Area

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Here I was with my babes in the woods, spattered with bug spray and heading down the trail in the surprisingly pleasant Fall weather that Northeast Florida had given us that day; slightly overcast and not too muggy with a breeze in the air. We were exploring the Theodore Roosevelt area of the Timucuan Ecological & Historical Preserve. It’s a nice little trail! Along the way there’s a fork to the right over to the marsh and you might even spot a Great Blue Heron. If you’re interested in learning more about the preserve and surrounding historic area, check out this website.

And taken from what I had posted on Instagram that day, here’s what was going through my head as I captured the walk along the trail with my 1 (almost 2!) year old twins.


What a blessing that these two have each other! From the womb throughout their adolescent years and on into adulthood, they will always share that special bond. And while their paths right now may look mostly the same, it won’t be long before their individual goals and interests take them in different directions. Because they are not just twins, they are siblings with their own unique personalities. It will be exciting to see just when and how that path diverges for each of them as they journey through life, both together and apart. They have my heart, just like their 2 older sisters do ❤️

twin toddlers on a green forested path

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