Speed & Agility Circuit Training

We did this workout a couple of weeks ago and had a really good turnout! Definitely made you break a sweat and I felt like I was also “improving my game”, since I still play soccer once a week or so 🙂
With the following stations around the perimeter of a basketball court, here’s what the circuit looked like:
  • Side Shuffles (basketball defense style)
  • Ladder Drills (in-out-in-out, in-in-out-out, 2 feet hops, 1 foot high knees, etc)
  • Baseline Suicide Sprints (start at baseline of bball court, sprint to free throw and then back to baseline, then to half court and back to baseline. repeat.)
  • Jumprope (pretty self explanatory…)
  • Dot drill (optional)  This drill was not for everyone and I even forgot to do it a few times since we didn’t have any clear markers for the dots. Maybe I’ll buy a mat (or make one!).

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