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Apple Butter

Ah, Fall.
And ahhh, freshly cooked applesauce. Yes, I said applesauce. The apple BUTTER requires patience…you need to make applesauce first! And it really does smell amazing. Once those apples warm up, they’ll fill your home with that sweet comforting Autumn aroma.
Now, I caught a fabulous apple sale at 59 cents/pound…so I bought 7 lbs, I mean…why not? I proceeded to rinse, core, and chop the apples. I didn’t have patience for peeling that many apples…so, take note that this recipe/strategy does produce a more “hefty” texture to your applesauce due to the peel. If you prefer a smoother sauce, spin it through your blender and you will have smooth, creamy applesauce–peel and all!

Next, I added the chopped apples to my food processor…I didn’t want too chunky of applesauce this time around, so the food processor turned it into a nice and mushy texture. Do the words “nice” and “mushy” ever really go together? Not really, but it seemed to work here.
I added the apple mush to my crockpot and cooked
on low overnight, about 7-8 hours.
After waking to the scent of warm apples, I followed my nose to the kitchen and proceeded to add cinnamon. I was going to add sugar, too, but found upon a taste test that it was unnecessary.
And there you have it, your delicious home-cooked applesauce! Oh, you say this post was about Apple Butter? Right…so read on!
Simply cook the applesauce a bit longer to reduce excess liquid as much as possible, leaving the lid off to help it evaporate.  It will still look like a thickened version of the applesauce. Check for desired sweetness (I added some brown sugar and more cinnamon at this point) and blend to a satiny smooth consistency with either an immersion blender or your blender, which might require doing it in batches (I used my Blendtec). Delicious!
 I like adding it to my plain yogurt

Or on toast. YUM.


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