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Postpartum Exercise Timeline


I’ve been meaning to share more postpartum pics but pumping to feed twins…and catching a nap when I can…has pretty much taken over my life.

In the meantime, I found a postpartum workout timeline that, from my own experience anyway, is pretty on track with a general postpartum recovery.  I have jumped the gun in the past by starting to run around 6 weeks after delivery…and suffered for it (incontinence + knee tendonitis), but everyone is different! And each pregnancy is different! But this chart is a good guideline for easing back into the fitness realm and the author has some good things to say on it over at Anchored Mommy.

As for now, I am antsy to begin working out again (today I am 11 weeks postpartum), so I will be doing a low-impact HIIT routine that I designed a couple of years ago to start waking these muscles up!

Postpartum Fitness Timeline

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