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    Getting back in the {yoga} saddle

    Sooo…confession: I’ve only done 1 session of the 30 Days of Yoga series as part of my New Year postpartum “ease back into fitness” challenge. And it’s January 22nd (oops). BUT, I will say that a couple weeks ago (about 1 month postpartum), I gave some warrior poses a try before starting the first yoga video and my C-section incision wasn’t having it. Now, a couple weeks later, I gave it a go and I’m happy to report that my body is ready! Even one 25-minute session was rejuvenating to both body and spirit and it’s exactly what I need to ease my weakened muscles and ligaments from pregnancy into…

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    My Pubic Symphysis Dysfunction (PSD) Experience & Management

    Pregnancy is supposed to be filled with aches and pains or at least all the common discomforts that come with growing a little person, right? Well, I am counted among the lucky ones to normally have just a few of these symptoms and remain quite functional, despite a little morning sickness during the first trimester. Now, I will say that these symptoms were exacerbated during this twin pregnancy and right around my 25th week, it was a whole new ballgame of pain. I had a fairly quick onset of severe pubic pain and subsequent sciatica into my groin, especially on the left side. It all happened over the course of…

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    Sunshine Smoothie Bowl

    This morning I made my first smoothie bowl since moving off the island, and while not the same as using fresh local tropical ingredients, it hit the spot enough to make me not miss Samoa…for like 5 minutes, anyway! This was an acai base with bananas, mango, kale, almond milk & ice, topped with fresh pineapple, mango, avocado, sunflower kernels, shredded coconut, AND a sugared & dried orange slice from Trader Joe’s BECAUSE AT LEAST I HAVE TRADER JOE’S NOW (gotta make myself feel better somehow).

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    The Latest: Moving to Samoa!

    Wow. There have been a loooooot of life happenings since I’ve last updated this little corner of the internet. And usually I ruminate and stress over the most *perfect* way to start anew when I’ve missed several months of blogging, but just to make it easy, I’m going to be nice and straightforward. Hi. My name is Hope…I think my blog profile mentions that somewhere….yep, okay–check. Next: I have a wonderful husband, 2 darling (but not always angelic) little girls, ages 4 and almost-2. We lived in Portland, OR for 3 years while my husband completed his residency after medical school and NOW…the greatest news as of late…we are living…

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    Pumpkin Hot “Cereal”

    During my “Whole 15” trial, I mixed up some canned pumpkin, fresh apple (cored), nut butter, seeds/nuts, shredded coconut, raisins, chia or flax seeds, hemp seeds, and some spices like cinnamon, nutmeg and ginger and voila! A grain-free breakfast porridge that is super filling and delicious. I have made it again a few times, and this morning I decided to make a large batch so I could have it ready to enjoy every day this week for breaky. This would also be a great add-in if you are eating real hot cereal; I like some oatmeal now and then and this would be super tasty mixed in. You can totally…

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    My Whole30 (Whole15…) Experience

    Whew! I did it, folks.   I completed a “Whole15″…which is my trial version of the “Whole30” program (AKA diet). I’m going to try to write down my experience here without investing too much time or thought, because let’s be honest: THE WINDOW OF TIME AFTER KIDS GO TO SLEEP AND I HIT MY OWN BED IS PRECIOUS AND LIMITED. Aaaand I may or may not be in the middle of Call The Midwife Season 3 and hoping to fit in an episode since hubster is out of town…when I should be doing dishes…have I made my point? 🙂 Here’s how it all began: Dinnertime, October 3, 2015 Me: “So…this…

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    Flat and Chewy Honey Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies

    So, lately I’ve been on a quest to make cookies with less refined ingredients with additional power ingredients (like chia seeds) to make them somewhat healthier with a boost of nutrients…but hey, it’s a cookie! It’s supposed to be a treat! Here’s a recipe I’ve been tinkering with and I have a couple of good versions. This one creates a flat cookie that’s SUPER chewy. I actually haven’t tasted it yet (but neighbors and hubby loved them!), since I’ve been doing a trial version of the Whole30 diet (no sugar, grains, dairy, etc.) but I’m probably only going to do a Whole15…HA! I’m still nursing, and I’d feel much better…

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    TRACK WORKOUT #1 Adapted from and photo credit by BodBot warm up: split stance pec mobilization with staff2 x 8warm up: walking pull backs2 x 8warm up: overhead lunge walk2 x 8plank3 x 20 secondshand stand (or shoulder-press) push up4 x 8kneeling hip extension4 x 8side bridges – straight arm, elevated leg, isometric3 x 20 secondsisometric no-equipment bicep curls4 x 20 seconds running – 70% sprints3 x 400 meters cool down: calf wall stretch2 x 25 seconds running – 100% sprints4 x 100 meters cool down: standing quadricep stretch2 x 25 secondscool down: lunge stretch2 x 25 seconds