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My “Safe List” Exercises With Abdominal Strain

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I probably sound like a broken record with my continuous lamenting,
but here I go again:
I’ve been nursing this pesky abdominal strain for over 2 months now. And with our big out-of-state move and all, I have been feeling particularly out of the fitness loop these past few weeks! While I feel like I’ve been blaming my lack of exercise on this move and my injury, in reality, there is quite the variety of exercises I have found that don’t aggravate my lower abdominals; those that don’t involve the core as much. The good news is that I feel like it’s finally on the mend and my range of motion with stretching and low-key exercise has improved, and fortunately, I can think of more exercises that I CAN do than those that I can’t! Woohoo!
So I decided to make a list of it–a list of “CAN DO” exercises while I rehabilitate my core
(initially a grade 2 rectus abdominus strain on the right side just below the navel…in case you were dying to know the exact whereabouts).
My “Safe List” Exercises

Warm Up

            • Arm circles: forward, backward, small, big
            • Arm swings side to side
            • Standing torso twist (slow and controlled, limited ROM)
            • Knee ups (slow and controlled)
            • Forward lunges
          • Side lunges


            • Jab punches
            • Cross punches
            • Uppercut punches
            • Arm blocks
            • Back kicks (slow and controlled)
          • Side kicks (slow and controlled)

Cardio-Strength Circuit

  • Jumping jacks
  • Vertical jacks
  • Push-ups (regular or military)
  • Tricep dips
  • Deep squats
  • Burpees (slow and controlled)
  • Star jumps (burpee w/o push-up–slow & controlled)
  • Lunges
  • “Jump Rope” (with or w/o actual rope)
  • Skier hops (side to side moguls)
  • Any combo of kickboxing moves listed above

Speed and Agility

            • Dot drill
            • Side shuffles
            • Ladder drills or karaoke/grapevine
          • Cone/baseline sprints (AKA ladder sprints, suicides, etc.)

I couldn’t find any good sources that explain some of the terminology here, but I will try to find some websites and post them soon.

These exercises are suited for my own injury status. If you also suffer from abdominal strain or any other injury, please seek a physician’s counsel prior to beginning these exercises (or any workout routine) or proceed at your own risk!

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