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Postpartum Core Update: Baby Steps Toward Recovery

Hello, again! It’s only been one month since my last update on my postpartum core situation, but I have thoughts (uh-oh, haha). I want to share some photos that I’m slightly hesitant to post because I prefer to focus more on the functionality of our postpartum bodies rather than aesthetics. Otherwise it often becomes a comparison game, which is just insane in the membrane. 

Each body is so different with different physical and emotional milestones, not to mention genetics or varying health conditions which may affect weight gain/weight loss, skin elasticity, etc. One person may think, “Hey! she looks great for having twins, or even if it was just one baby!” And another may feel, “WOW…she has a lot of work to do.” or, “Look at that crazy belly button and loose skin!”. Yep, that’s what a postpartum umbilical hernia looks like, my friends. Well, mine anyway 😜. But honestly, I don’t entertain one ounce what others may think since I have my own ideas for improvement while maintaining what I think is a healthy degree of satisfaction and pride in what this body has done for me and my family. Carrying and bringing forth 4 little bodies within 5 years (and 2 at the same time!)….it’s really incredible to think about when I say it like that!

As for tummy documentation, I have snapshots of the twin aftermath at 5 weeks postpartum, 7 weeks, and then not again until 5 months (it’s like I’ve been busy or something). I’m at 6 months now, and feel like not much has changed since the most recent photo one month ago…although the bloat factor DOES shift around a bit depending on a few things like diet within the previous few days, adequate hydration, hormones, etc. (I’m not alone here, right?!). 

I feel like this was a good day with minimal bloat, woohoo! Also note in the photo showing my C section incision that I’m lifting up my skin to actually give you a decent view. The stitching was cleanly done and overall healed up as well as I could have hoped for…and that’s enough for me, for now. And what else can we do but live in the ‘now’ and just be grateful? Grateful for our amazing bodies that can do hard things. 

2018-06-20 16.03.12


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  1. Hope, thanks for posting this. It made me feel more okay about how my stomach looks after having my second in particular. My skin is stretched and saggy in ways that no amount of exercise will ever fix, and I’ve gained weight that has been too difficult for me to lose between having a baby, moving, brain surgery, caring for kids, etc. Maybe it will come off one day, maybe it won’t. But I look at other women and think they must have perfect bodies because they are thin, and the pool is full of women in bikinis, and it can make you feel like you really messed up somehow. But you’re fit, you care about health, and in a lot of ways, your stomach bears many of the same scars of childbearing that mine does, and it makes me feel okay. So thanks for sharing.

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