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Homemade Baby Food

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Hello hello! I’ve been meaning to write about my super simple baby food making process for a loooong time. So here goes:

Homemade Baby Food

{read notes at bottom before beginning!}
  • Buy some vegetables (broccoli, green beans, beets, sweet potatoes, carrots, peas, etc!).
  • Wash produce thoroughly, chop into chunks and then steam on stove for approx 8-10 min.
  • Transfer some water from the pot under your steamer basket to the blender and add the cooked veggies.
  • Start the blender and puree the veggies at a slow speed to see how thick the consistency is.
  • Increase amount of liquid to reach desired consistency (depending on the age and preference of your baby).
Aaand…you’re done! That’s it! 
Well, actually now you have to store it somehow. For younger infants that are just starting solids, I like to freeze them in ice cube trays and just pull a few out at a time to thaw in the fridge.
For my *growing up too fast* 11-month old, I fill previously used baby food jars up and store in the fridge, or the freezer if it’s a big batch.

Fridge Storage

  • Store in sealed container that’s clearly labeled and easily identified among other fridge items.
  • Use within 2-3 days for optimal freshness and to avoid any funk that may decide to contaminate your precious baby’s food.

Freezer Storage

  • Store in sealed container that’s clearly labeled and easily identified among other freezer items.
  • When preparing baby food that you’re going to freeze in containers/jars (as opposed to ice cube trays), be sure to leave some room at the top before you put the lid on, since it will expand when frozen.
  • Let baby food cool to at least room temperature before freezing to avoid ice crystal formation. If it happens, it’s not a big deal (not harmful), but remember the last time you ate some freezer-burned ice cream? It wasn’t very good, now, was it…
  • If you plan to store the baby food for at least a month in the freezer, I would place the sealed containers/jars in a Zip-loc freezer bag to better preserve nutrients.
  • Use frozen baby food within 3 months, just to be safe.
  • I have only made pureed baby food from vegetables, beans, & tofu. My pediatrician recommended that we wait until Little C is 1-year-old before introducing fruits (to ensure that she will eat her vegetables!) so we are sticking to it…hence no fruity baby food making for me…
  • I have used both fresh and frozen vegetables for steaming.
  • You can also cook the veggies via boiling or microwaving, but steaming doesn’t leach as many nutrients.
  • When adding additional water to thin out the puree, always ALWAYS use the water from the steamed veggies! A lot of nutrients will be retained in the cooking water and you definitely want to add   some of that goodness back into the baby food.
  • The storage recommendations for “use-within-x-amount-of-time” are my own; they are not based upon any peer reviewed scholarly study that says the food will go bad after a certain number of days. Just use common sense…if it smells funky (abnormally funky, that is)–then toss it and start fresh!
  • Not only is homemade baby food simple to make, but it’s healthier and cheaper.

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