Homage to My Alma Mater

Go Cougars! They played (and beat!) Georgia Tech

 Last weekend our little family took a trip to Utah–the first time we’ve visited in nearly 5 years, where Daniel and I met and our friendship blossomed into love (laying it on thick here, aren’t I? hehe) at Brigham Young University.  We left Friday morning and the previous week was hectic and left me no time to post a Thursday Thought or Fitness Friday Sneak Peek Workout (sorry about that).
But back to our trip to BYU. Ahhh, such fond memories…and nostalgic nom noms. We happily tooka advantage of the sweets peculiar to BYU’s campus, including: famous mint brownies, chocolate covered cinnamon bears from the bookstore, and the BYU Creamery On 9th East (CONE)..which we actually didn’t make it over to (I think the sweets along with eating out nearly every.single.meal was quite enough for this belly to handle).  But we did make sure to hit up J-Dawgs (think gourmet hot dogs/polish dogs with a secret “special sauce”), which my husband and I remembered as a little hut, but has now apparently turned into a little franchise.  We also ventured over to a little breakfast place called Cafe 300 that some friends introduced to us and the french toast was UNbelievable. They dip it in a custard-like batter…need I say more?
Food aside, we enjoyed touring the campus, visiting the BYU bookstore and introducing our 16-month old to the buildings we remember so well: “Look, Little C, there’s the Testing Center…”.  There were also several new buildings or ongoing projects/landscaping changes that were fun to see. For example, the dormitories from my freshman year were almost entirely demolished and shiny new (and much taller!) dorms were constructed. Another huge change is that they are in the process of closing a road that currently bisects the campus and it will soon be a large walkway where cars will no longer be able to pass through.
We also had the opportunity to visit with some of Daniel’s family members, some friends we met in L.A. who are now in Salt Lake, and then there’s the main reason of our coming….the BYU Football game!!! I’m actually not a huge football fan. But the games are always fun to attend and Little C looooooved it! The commotion, the people, the green field with all these little people running around (of course they appeared little from where we stood in the stadium stands), she loved it all….until it wiped her out (it was past her bed time), so we left after the third quarter and then headed home for a pizza movie night.
And that’s the end to our fun-filled weekend!

Except I have to add a note about Little C’s plane experiences, which went reasonably well; no screaming or tantrums. So here is where I give a shout-out of thanks to the table-tray that little C enjoyed pulling up and down (but apologies to the guy in front who I know didn’t quite appreciate the movement on the back of his chair), to the ice cubes the flight attendant brought us in our water cups (C loves playing with ice), and especially to the lady who blew bubbles with her gum to entertain our dear bubble-loving (in all of its forms) child.

Here are a few more snapshots:

The “Y” is there if you look for it

The beautiful Maeser building on campus

Love these majestic mountains.
 Thoughtful Thursday Question 
(rhetorical, unless you really want to share your comments!): 
When was the last time you visited your Alma Mater 
(or a place that has a special place in your heart) and what did you do?

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  • Megan

    I was back at BYU in March trying to indoctrinate Baby M with Cougar pride. We walked through the Wilk, got a donut and some cinnamon bear, and then stopped by the Clyde building to say hi to my old professors. I hope we get to go back again soon!

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