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Happy FIRST Birthday!

One of MANY birthday photos πŸ™‚

…to my Little C, that is πŸ™‚ Since this happy celebration is the only thing consuming my thoughts today, I felt it appropriate to share a few special memories and milestones of my sweet one year old on her first birthday!

Here’s a month-by-month recap:

11 days old:
  • My favorite face Little C makes is right after she has eaten. She’ll lie back with her eyes closed, her lips still puckered and it’s just the most adorable little milk-coma face ever πŸ™‚

3 weeks old:

  • For a few days now Little C has started zoning in on contrasting things to capture her attention, such as the blinds/sunlight, the collage of black and white photos on the wall, and also the twirling ceiling fans.

1 month:

Little C LOVES:

  • being held & cuddling
  • deep bounces
  • back rubs/pats
  • escaping from her swaddle
  • smiling during feedings
  • the vacuum cleaner

2 months:

Little C LOVES:

  • When daddy does the jumping motion with her on his lap. He lifts her under the arms and she’ll semi-push off with her legs (or at least exert a little pressure). But she loooooves it; she’ll even giggle! So cute, and special time with Daniel, too.
  • Walks in the BOB jogging stroller!!! This I am very excited about since I’ll be able to jog with her in a few weeks when she can hold her head up a little better. She doesn’t fuss at all and enjoys looking out at everything in front of her. It gives her a great view and she will soak it all in. She loves it. I love it. Win-win πŸ™‚

3 months:

  • On September 6, Little C was in the middle of tummy time when she suddenly flipped over completely onto her back! No struggling to get there; just flipped on over in one second. I was super impressed! She repeated it throughout the day and the next day, too, but oddly she has given it a bit of a rest lately. She’ll just stay on her tummy and wiggle trying to crawl already, haha.

4 months:

  • Little C has officially outgrown newborn status and has transitioned into her own little person. It’s adorable to see her character develop as she gets excited about the things around her and can interact with us more and react to our smiles, singing, dancing, mouth noises, kisses, etc (all things she loves!).
  • She rewards us with smiles in response to almost anything you do to entertain her and will give some giggles if you catch her in just the right mood. My favorite is when you do nothing to catch her attention and she will just get happy and start cooing/laughing at something random. Still loves patty-cake (especially when Daniel does it πŸ˜‰ 
  • Lift Little C into the air or let her use her legs to do mini-squats while she bounces on your lap and she will give you some big open-mouthed grins…so so fun.

5 months:

  • Still loves patty-cake and being raised into the air, jumping, songs, funny noises, rolling on the floor, sucking on toys/her fingers/thumb…so many things make her smile and laugh. I love it.
  • She likes her play center (pictured below) more now that she is understanding the functionality of it. She has learned to use some of its built-in toys, like a ball that rolls and spins smaller pebble-like balls inside, a knob that turns, and a few other things. It’s fun to see her develop new skills and understand her environment more and more.

6 months:

  • So, she’s still on the taller side and is average for weight. She also got her shots this time, 4 instead of just 3 πŸ™ but she took them like a champ like always. She will cry hard while they administer them and then she’s fine right after. This was also the first appointment that Daniel was able to go to so it was nice to have his help holding Little C and comforting her afterward.
  • Little C has big pretty blue eyes, cute chubby cheeks, and an infectious sweet smile. Her hair is also getting longer (and lighter)! I especially like to see her “hat hair’ after we pull a cap off her head or right after she bathes.

7 months:

  • At 7 months, Little C is no longer the tiny & calm baby I can snuggle in my arms *sigh*, but we are definitely being rewarded with other developments–Little C is a happy & content baby (most of the time…). She loves discovering new things (“Little C the Explorer”), such as how much fun it is to untie shoelaces, feel a new texture, play with boxes and baskets, etc.
  • As of a week or so ago, we noticed a hint of a tooth poking through on the bottom. Now the one next to it (so the 2 front teeth on bottom) are cutting through and Little C has NOT been a happy camper.
  • Again, Little C will happily crawl away as soon as you put her on the ground (unless she’s in a foreign place…then she actually might be still for a bit). She will crawl and then lean onto one arm to look up at you. So cute. Little C is also just beginning to climb up onto things with both hands (yikes!).

8 months:

  • Little C now has 2 bottom teeth and a little nub of a top front tooth coming in, which we can feel but can’t see quite yet. Thankfully she hasn’t been nearly as fussy with this subsequent tooth as she was with the first 2.
  • She is always chirping, cooing, or squeaking with delight (when she’s in a happy mood–nearly always) and it’s so fun to see what makes her tick. She is a thrill seeker, that’s for sure. She loves to dance in your arms, bounce on your lap (what’s even more funny is that she loves to listen to her vibrating voice when you bounce her!), she spins herself around in the doorway jumper and she loves “flying” through the air while we make rocket sounds.
  • As for language skills, Little C has gotten the “mamama” sound down (probably soon after turning 7 months), and has looked at me and said “Mama” a couple times–which is a real heart melter πŸ™‚ but I don’t think she grasped the association yet that mama = me…
9 months:

  • Loves to play “chase”; when crawling she will look at us (as we are also on all fours), smile and then quickly turn around and start crawling away as fast as she can. She squeals with delight as we crawl after her and say “gonna get you!”. The game has evolved with peek-a-boos, hiding around corners as we go from room to room, etc.
  • Little C loves, loves, LOVES books. YAY! She has gotten really good at turning pages (board books, of course), and will happily keep herself occupied, sometimes for as long as 10-15 minutes, just sitting with a basket full of books.

10 months:

  • Little C is doing what a regular growing infant does…grow. πŸ™‚ She is taller, heavier, some would say chunkier πŸ™‚ and downright speedy when is comes to crawling. She is a pro cruiser but not quite standing or walking on her own yet.
  • She is an excellent night sleeper now, ~7:30pm – 6:30am (give or take 15 minutes).
  • Little C has just started to point over the past few days. Really cute.
  • The other day, after I got Little C from her crib first thing in the morning, I put her down on the living room floor and she immediately crawled over to her stuffed lamb, picked it up, clutched it to her chest and rocked it back and forth. It was soooooo adorable.

11 months:

  • Cruising and crawling, cruising and crawling. i.e. not walking. Which is okay with me because I know that when she realizes that she’s already strong enough to walk, there will be no stopping her πŸ™‚ She will sometimes let go of whatever she’s holding onto and stand for a few seconds on her own and she also sits down slowly and with control instead of plopping down involuntarily.
  • Two top teeth came in by the 2nd week of the month

12 months ~ ONE YEAR!

  • Little C is walking!!!!!!!!!! Well, not consistently, but she has taken several steps by now (first steps were on May 28). Most of the time it is with help holding her hands and then she (or we) will let go and she’ll continue walking. Sometimes she will do it of her own will and walk away from an already standing position. Even less frequent, but she’s done it a few times now, she will stand up all on her own without holding onto anything and then walk a few steps. The most she has walked is probably 10-12 steps as she walks between Daniel and I. Such a fun stage! It’s super cute when we can tell by the look on her face that she’s so proud (and a little shy!) when we excitedly congratulate her after a bout of walking.
What a life-changing past year it has been! But one for the better and one filled with more love than I could have ever imagined πŸ™‚

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