/ / / / Goodbye, Palm Trees. Hello, Pine.

Goodbye, Palm Trees. Hello, Pine.

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Packing, packing, packing, packing…..this has been my life over the past week or so in preparation for our big move to Portland next week! And while I have been playing mover’s Tetris, i.e. compartmentalizing things into boxes, the hubs has been putting in some long hours during his LAST WEEK of intern year. Woohoo!
Woohoo for the last week of intern year, not the long hours part…
I have mixed feelings regarding the move: sad to leave behind dear friends & family, sentimental places, and THE BEACH.   But excited to move onto the next phase of our lives and experience new adventures with new people in a NEW place…AND we’ll be much closer to some other members of our family, which we are thrilled about!
So the next time I write, it will likely be from our new townhome in the great green state of Oregon….Lake Oswego, to be precise!
Here are some pics of our new place:
Funky smoked mirror wall in the dining area, haha.

My modern Swiss Family Robinson experience
Solariummmm!!!!! So flippin’ excited about this. The natural light, ahhh.

And a fireplace for cold Oregon winter (compared to L.A.)

Back deck off of the master bedroom


Super homey-looking, right?!


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