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Getting Back In The {yoga} Saddle

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Happy New Year, friends! Sooo….I’ve only done 1 session of the 30 Days of Yoga series as part of my New Year postpartum “ease back into fitness” challenge. And it’s January 22nd (oops). BUT, I will say that a couple weeks ago (about 1 month postpartum), I gave some warrior poses a try before starting the first yoga video and my C-section incision wasn’t having it. Now, a couple weeks later, I gave it a go and I’m happy to report that my body is ready! Even a 25-minute session was rejuvenating to both body and spirit and it’s currently exactly what I need to ease my weakened muscles and ligaments from (a twin!) pregnancy into a gradual strength routine. I’m looking forward to fitting a few more sessions in before the end of the month!

NOTE: I did modify for plank pose while following this video by going down on my knees or straight back into downward dog position. I’ll be discussing more about my postpartum abdominal separation (Diastasis Recti) here on the blog soon!

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