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Easy DIY Baby Blanket


I finally thought I’d share my baby-blanket-making experience from a few months ago….back in April. I definitely needed to wait until after June to post this, since I was making 2 blankets–one for each sister-in-law, whose babies were both due in June and I didn’t want them to get a sneak peek of their gifts before I had a chance to give them 🙂

First off, let it be known that this was not only my first baby blanket, but also my very first self-monitored sewing project–which means, if I could do it, anyone can do it! Trust me! I followed this blog tutorial because it provided clear instructions and the demo photos were actually very simplified and easy to follow (which I think is not always the case!).

Below are the photos I took while making my first blanket (for step-by-step instructions, use the blog tutorial referenced above).  Overall, I was pleased with my rudimentary sewing skills and the 2 adorable blankets I got out of it!

Minky fabric, right side up
Flannel fabric pinned on top of minky fabric with wrong side up.
I took a snapshot of the settings that were ideal for my machine on this project–important for a newbie like me!
Finished edges; I used a zig-zag stitch…just because 🙂
Bloopers along the way: some unintended pleats here, some overzealous stitches there…
Finished product! It wasn’t perfect, but it was soft, sewn, and cute. That’s all I was going for 🙂

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