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Confidence in the Future

In light of the horrific tragedy at the Boston Marathon earlier this week, I wanted to share a few sentiments. Because, in all honesty, doesn’t something like that just scare the crap out of you? Well, it scares me…especially when I think of safety for my own future and the future of my family.  It’s like “okay, what’s next?” In fact, I thought “what’s next” after Boston and then just today there was a bomb scare at Cal State Los Angeles, causing a campus-wide evacuation.
But I’m not writing here to focus on fear. In fact, it’s rather the contrary. I think it’s so important to have hope and stemming from that, having confidence in the future. There is so much to live for, to be happy for, right now.  I can’t live my life in fear constantly worrying about “what’s next”. While it’s important to be aware and mindful and prayerful, depending on your beliefs, I think it’s imperative to simultaneously take joy in the everyday moments and be confident that you can be happy and proactive despite depressing and horrible events that will undeniably come. Because the bigger picture, if you believe in one as I do, is that we have purpose and meaning in this life. And while it’s easy to get hung up on everything that is so very wrong in the world, and while our hearts still ache for the Boston Marathon victims and others in recent tragedies, it’s important to take a look at the good and not only be grateful for it, but to see what we can do, what you can do, to contribute. I believe that every.single.person. has something to contribute and that no act of goodwill, charity, or compassion, goes unnoticed or unappreciated. Not one.  

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