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Cloth Diapering Update

Okay, so I’ve been using cloth diapers steadily for 2 weeks or so now….and let’s just say that I have learned a thing or two…or three or four 😜


This is a review of my experiences thus far; what I have found to work (or not work). I’m not sure the best way to summarize, so I’ll just go ahead and ramble away…


First, I got a few {much needed} recommendations from an experienced cloth diapering friend and went ahead and bought the following….I’ll break it down for those not-familiar-with-the-CD-(see what I did there, hehe)-lingo readers here (since it definitely all sounded like jibberish to me at first!):


Diaper Cover/Shell…whatever you wanna call it



  • My sis-in-law generously sent me some gDiapers to try (they have a cloth cover with nylon liner and cloth insert)




  • For now, I have been using these flushable liners to make dealing with solids less gross messy.
    I’m rather grateful for these.


~My Thoughts~


While the gDiapers were nice and thin compared to some of these other slightly bulkier options, they leaked on me every.single.time. I think this particular size was a bit small, though, and Little C pees a LOT.

The BumGenius pockets are great. They are comfortably snug on Little C’s chunky thighs, which has minimized the leaks. I say “minimized” because I’m not gonna lie–there have been leaks! However, I feel like this has been due to a couple of laundering issues, which I’ll get to later in my review; I actually haven’t had leaks at all lately, so I must be doing something right😉
I think I like the Flip diaper covers even better than the pockets because they are easily reused in the same day…unless it happens to be a blow-out and poop gets everywhere, in which case you just add a new clean insert and you are good to go!


As for inserts, the Indian Prefolds are awesome!!!! Now I know why my friend was raving about these. While intended to wrap around your baby like an old-school cloth diaper, using them as an insert is seriously genius. They are super soft and gentle on baby’s skin and very absorbent. In fact, they take foreverrrrrr to dry, which really shows how absorbent they are. I even went to buy more of them and accidentally ordered the preemie size, but they actually still work great as a doubler.


I like the Hemp Doubler since it’s really thin and seems to soak up some extra pee. Nothing truly amazing about it (compared to the Indian Prefolds), but they are handy since I seem to have a heavy wetter. That little girl would drink all the day long if I let her…


The other inserts (microfiber & “Stay Dry”…basically the same), are nice since they do the trick, but I’ve noticed that my baby gets a pretty nasty rash if she comes in direct contact with the wet microfiber side (not the smooth side of the “Stay Dry”, but the actual microfiber fleece side)…so I have learned to avoid putting any of those against her skin when doubling up on the inserts.


LAUNDRY. Dun Dun Dun


Did that heading look daunting enough? Because for a while there, that’s exactly how I felt when it came to laundering these suckers! I needed to figure out a pail/storage system for dirty diapers, experiment with detergent, like does it clean well? Sensitive enough for baby and the diaper material? How much to use with a given number of diapers? And since I’m still using coin-operated machines *sigh*, I sort of neglected the instructions on “washing 3-5 times before first use”, or something along those lines. This was likely the culprit of some initial leakage, since the material breaks down with each wash and therefore becomes softer, more absorbent and less repellant.


I also tried using a mini hand-operated (non-electric) washing machine, the “WonderWash”, for a while and ran into a few issues:

  • The WonderWash is most efficiently used via bath tub (as opposed to kitchen sink…), and seeing as Little C doesn’t even let me take a shower without waking up from her nap due to loud “water noises” on the other side of her wall, I couldn’t do this during her nap…which is definitely the best time-frame for me.
  • It’s time consuming at first since I’m still figuring out how much detergent to use, how many rinses are necessary, etc. 
  • I don’t have a spin-dryer (again, still using quarters for washing/drying machines), which I now know would be necessary–unless you wring out every single diaper/insert like you’re squeezing for dear life. The dryer I use is excellent, but still doesn’t dry the inserts if I put them in sopping wet, which means I would have to purchase more than one cycle…but good news: we are moving in June and I WILL have a W/D at our new place, hallelujah!


So, here’s my CURRENT system (subject to change, of course 😏):

  • After changing Little C, I immediately flush the solids (if dirty), then rinse in cold water using the tub spout (don’t worry, I sanitize the tub afterward!). I will also try to rinse the wet (just pee) inserts, but not always.
  • I then store the now wet diapers in a “wet bag” pail liner (but I haven’t gotten a pail yet…)
  • Wash in the washer (electric!) on hot, which is a pretty long & thorough cycle on our machine.
  • Pull out covers to hang dry and dry the liners in the dryer on med-high. I’ll often wash another load of regular clothes before drying the liners so I can toss everything in together and save $1. Woohoo. 
  • Oh, and I have been using approx 1-1/2 Tablespoons of Sprouts 2x Free & Clear Powder Detergent for a full load…seems to clean well without soap build-up


There. After probably more than you ever wanted to know, I think that’s it! While cloth diapering definitely requires a bit of learning, I think it will be worth it in the long run. I’m sure once I get “the system” down even better, it will be easy breezy and worth it without a doubt.



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