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Cherry Chicken Lettuce Wraps

I originally came across a version of this recipe when we were living in L.A. while I was regularly doing my grocery shopping at Vons. What’s Vons, you ask? It’s like Safeway…but in California. What’s Safeway? Never mind, not important.  The recipe was featured on their website for awhile, but it’s no longer available. No fear…I have made a few changes according to preference and have this tasty recipe ready for sharing! And you’ll want to make this soon….like this week, they’re so good. The crisp lettuce, the sweet and savory flavors with some Asian flare…my mouth is watering just thinking about it! Just be sure you use fresh cherries (and get all the pits out), because I once used frozen cherries and the texture was….yeah, don’t do it. Use FRESH dark cherries and you will be set for a healthy & delicious meal anytime (and yes, I would totally eat this for breakfast!).


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