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    Best {healthy} Frozen Pizza

    So you’re craving pizza (or your family is craving pizza), but you don’t want to order something OR make something from scratch. AND you don’t want to buy something in a box from the store that has a gazillllllion ingredients. Well, I compromised and bought something in a box from the store that DOESN’T have a gazillion ingredients and it’s healthy and delicious. And I know the phrase “healthy and delicious” is not always true when buying something pre-made from the store, but you guys….this is actually HEALTHY AND DELICIOUS. The crust is unlike any other “healthy” crust I’ve tried…and trust me, I’ve tried my fair share, including cauliflower crusts,…

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    Sunshine Smoothie Bowl

    This morning I made my first smoothie bowl since moving off the island, and while not the same as using fresh local tropical ingredients, it hit the spot enough to make me not miss Samoa…for like 5 minutes, anyway! This was an acai base with bananas, mango, kale, almond milk & ice, topped with fresh pineapple, mango, avocado, sunflower kernels, shredded coconut, AND a sugared & dried orange slice from Trader Joe’s BECAUSE AT LEAST I HAVE TRADER JOE’S NOW (gotta make myself feel better somehow).

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    Pumpkin Hot “Cereal”

    During my “Whole 15” trial, I mixed up some canned pumpkin, fresh apple (cored), nut butter, seeds/nuts, shredded coconut, raisins, chia or flax seeds, hemp seeds, and some spices like cinnamon, nutmeg and ginger and voila! A grain-free breakfast porridge that is super filling and delicious. I have made it again a few times, and this morning I decided to make a large batch so I could have it ready to enjoy every day this week for breaky. This would also be a great add-in if you are eating real hot cereal; I like some oatmeal now and then and this would be super tasty mixed in. You can totally…

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    My Whole30 (Whole15…) Experience

    Whew! I did it, folks.   I completed a “Whole15″…which is my trial version of the “Whole30” program (AKA diet). I’m going to try to write down my experience here without investing too much time or thought, because let’s be honest: THE WINDOW OF TIME AFTER KIDS GO TO SLEEP AND I HIT MY OWN BED IS PRECIOUS AND LIMITED. Aaaand I may or may not be in the middle of Call The Midwife Season 3 and hoping to fit in an episode since hubster is out of town…when I should be doing dishes…have I made my point? 🙂 Here’s how it all began: Dinnertime, October 3, 2015 Me: “So…this…

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    Flat and Chewy Honey Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies

    So, lately I’ve been on a quest to make cookies with less refined ingredients with additional power ingredients (like chia seeds) to make them somewhat healthier with a boost of nutrients…but hey, it’s a cookie! It’s supposed to be a treat! Here’s a recipe I’ve been tinkering with and I have a couple of good versions. This one creates a flat cookie that’s SUPER chewy. I actually haven’t tasted it yet (but neighbors and hubby loved them!), since I’ve been doing a trial version of the Whole30 diet (no sugar, grains, dairy, etc.) but I’m probably only going to do a Whole15…HA! I’m still nursing, and I’d feel much better…

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    Pumpkin Chia Chocolate Chip Cookies

    It seems that I try a different pumpkin chocolate chip cookie recipe every year (thanks, Pinterest!) and I created a recipe last week that is calling me, begging me, to make a second batch very soon. Like today. Or tomorrow…I’m also waiting for a baby (so whatever happens first). And these seriously taste like donuts…that dense cake-doughnut texture…yep, this is it. All with the pumpkin spice flavors and chocolate chip goodness…they are just SO GOOD. Pumpkin Chia Chocolate Chip Cookies {my new favorite} 1 cup pumpkin puree 1/4 cup water or milk 1/2 cup brown sugar or coconut sugar 1/4 cup sugar or 12 drops liquid stevia 1/2 cup oil…

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    Puffed Wheat Squares

    If you like rice krispy treats (or even if you don’t…like my husband!), chances are that you’ll like these puffed wheat squares. I made them a couple of times over the summer and they are a perfect sweet snack/treat. Whether it’s a breakfast munchie, lunch box treat, or tide-you-over until dinnertime snack, these always seem to hit the spot. Puffed Wheat Squares Adapted from this recipe 4 tbsp cocoa powder (use more or less depending on how chocolatey you prefer them) 1/2 cup honey or corn syrup 1/2 cup packed brown sugar 1/2 cup butter 1/2 tsp vanilla 8 cups puffed wheat cereal Butter a 9X13″ baking pan and set aside.…

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    Light & Crispy Waffles

    Do you find yourself saying “L’eggo my Eggo”? Do they even use that slogan anymore? Then these are the waffles for you! They are reminiscent of breakfast at Pa & Nana’s (grandparents on my dad’s side) when I was a kid because they always had frozen waffles on hand that we could pop into the toaster at our pleasure (my parents didn’t buy them, so it was a real treat for us). Of course I prefer the real deal made from scratch…now that my palate is so mature 😉   Inspired by this recipe. Light & Crispy Waffles  1 cup all-purpose flour 1 cup spelt flour 1 T sugar 1 T…

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    Recipe Highlight: Healthified Pumpkin Choc Chip Cookies

    THURSDAY THOUGHTS (belated)    I didn’t have much time yesterday for Thursday Thoughts since I lost my phone and have been busy retracing my steps, being stressed, communicating by email. Ugh. Not the end of the world, but certainly a bummer! Anyhoo, I made these cookies a couple of weeks ago and they turned out pretty well. Still a noticeable “healthy” cookie (says my husband), but they passed the test for me 🙂  Note: I used a gluten-free baking mix instead of arrowroot powder, brown sugar instead of coconut sugar, and regular butter instead of the coconut butter (but I did use coconut oil where asked).   

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    Double Chocolate Chili Cookies {spicy}

    A lover of spiciness (but no habaneros, please! I learned the hard way…), this is quite possibly my new favorite Christmas cookie…or just my new favorite cookie, regardless of the time of year! With an impressive amount of chocolate, and hints of chipotle and cayenne (AND peppermint if you sprinkle that candy cane goodness on top like I did) you’ll have a unique cookie sure to please many tastebuds this holiday season. Note: They may not be for everyone, considering they do have quite a fiery kick…but when there’s chocolate involved can you really go wrong? INGREDIENTS 1 1/4 cups all-purpose flour 1 cup cocoa powder 1 tsp sea salt or…