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    Getting back in the {yoga} saddle

    Sooo…confession: I’ve only done 1 session of the 30 Days of Yoga series as part of my New Year postpartum “ease back into fitness” challenge. And it’s January 22nd (oops). BUT, I will say that a couple weeks ago (about 1 month postpartum), I gave some warrior poses a try before starting the first yoga video and my C-section incision wasn’t having it. Now, a couple weeks later, I gave it a go and I’m happy to report that my body is ready! Even one 25-minute session was rejuvenating to both body and spirit and it’s exactly what I need to ease my weakened muscles and ligaments from pregnancy into…

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    TRACK WORKOUT #1 Adapted from and photo credit by BodBot warm up: split stance pec mobilization with staff2 x 8warm up: walking pull backs2 x 8warm up: overhead lunge walk2 x 8plank3 x 20 secondshand stand (or shoulder-press) push up4 x 8kneeling hip extension4 x 8side bridges – straight arm, elevated leg, isometric3 x 20 secondsisometric no-equipment bicep curls4 x 20 seconds running – 70% sprints3 x 400 meters cool down: calf wall stretch2 x 25 seconds running – 100% sprints4 x 100 meters cool down: standing quadricep stretch2 x 25 secondscool down: lunge stretch2 x 25 seconds

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    Group Circuit Training

      This is basically a circuit rotation in a group setting…super fun! Here are the exercise “stations” we did for Fitness Friday this past week: In 30-60 second intervals: 1. Mat – Abs 2. Squat to press with 5 lb dumbbells 3. Mat – Foam roller – SMR (self-myofacial release) or push-up variations 4. 10 lb Kettlebell squat swings 5. Mat – stretch or more ab-work 6. Jump rope 7. Lunges with 5 lb bicep curls 8. Rows with resistance band (interlaced through top door hinge 🙂 9. 8 lb Medicine Ball: torso twist with lunge steps or tricep curls

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    Shred it!

    My Fitness Friday partner-in-crime is leading the instruction today and is doing her own interpreted version of Jillian’s “30 Day Shred”! I have a feeling I will be sore tomorrow 🙂 If I find time to write out a synopsis of her workout on here, then I will do so! Otherwise, just buy the DVD 😉  

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    Body-Weight Workout

    I found this workout on Pinterest and thought I’d share. The best part is that it requires no equipment, just uses your own bodyweight and shouldn’t take up too much space in your living room…which is where I will continue to workout until my dream home gym is constructed….someday 🙂 If you have questions about some of the moves, here are a few links I put together. Enjoy! Bird Dog Bridge Burpee Plank Superman Tricep Dips Oh, and… Happy Valentine’s Day! 

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    Speed & Agility Circuit Training

    We did this workout a couple of weeks ago and had a really good turnout! Definitely made you break a sweat and I felt like I was also “improving my game”, since I still play soccer once a week or so 🙂 With the following stations around the perimeter of a basketball court, here’s what the circuit looked like: 60 SECONDS EACH STATION Side Shuffles (basketball defense style) Ladder Drills (in-out-in-out, in-in-out-out, 2 feet hops, 1 foot high knees, etc) Baseline Suicide Sprints (start at baseline of bball court, sprint to free throw and then back to baseline, then to half court and back to baseline. repeat.) Jumprope (pretty self…

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    Happy New Gear

    THURSDAY THOUGHTS  Nope, not a typo. Happy New GEAR!  That’s what I’m thinking anyway. I know we just had Christmas and the tangible gift-giving has ended (to some degree…my birthday is in April, hint hint), and husby did get me some Jillian Michaels (this beloved workout that I used to check out from the Los Angeles Public Library) as well as some running gloves, but I have been coveting thinking about some other fitness items that are definitely on my wish-list for this coming year (sooner rather than later hopefully!). Some are wants and some are needs, so we’ll see which ones make the cut.  1)  Neon or white (ideally…

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    RE-introducing FITNESS FRIDAYS With Kickboxing!

    THURSDAY THOUGHTS Well, if you remember, I had intended to start posting my “Fitness Friday” workouts when I first mentioned them several weeks ago….but then I stalled; I procrastinated and I just plain didn’t make time for it. You see, Fitness Fridays are sort of my baby (besides my real…baby) and I want the formatting and presentation of each glorious workout to be perfect, and I haven’t found that sweet spot yet. However, THE SHOW MUST GO ON, and I just need to get these workouts out there for my own sanity, my FF peeps, and for the sake of anyone else in the web-O-sphere who might care to participate.…

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    And now, introducing…Fitness Fridays!

    THURSDAY THOUGHTS I am FINALLY making the effort to bring my realm of “Fitness Fridays” to the internet. Fitness Fridays? Okay, let me rewind about…one year ago. Approximately last Fall, back when I was still in L.A., my newly-post-partum-and-eager-to-exercise-again frame of mind stepped into gear and I began to design some circuit-styled workouts that I could do to get back in shape(ideally a QUICK workout that I could do at home while the baby was napping or something that would entertain her for 15 minutes if she was awake). After a couple of weeks of working out alone, I thought it would be more fun if a few mom-friends and I could…