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Body-Weight Barre Workout

I’ve been getting into Barre workouts lately. And by “getting into” I mean trying YouTube videos in my living room 🙂  However, I did formulate this workout below especially for my Fitness Friday peeps: 
  • First position: heels together, toes 2-3 inches apart. Each exercise x 30.
    • Squat half-way down and come up (playground ball between legs recommended) 
    • Squat pulses – “down an inch, up an inch” 
    • Swivel hips (hula) from standing to fully lowered position and return to standing 
    • Repeat hip swivel in a fixed seated position 
  • Fourth Position: like 1st position, but one leg behind the other with heel to toe. 
    • Squat slowly all the way down and return. Repeat x 30
  • Leg Series; hands on bar. Each exercise x 15. 
    • “Deli Slicer”: 
      • From standing, open right hip to place knee and ankle at approx parallel (knee slightly higher than ankle)
      • Move right knee to bar (or elbow) with toes pointed. 
      • After leg reaches bar/elbow, extend leg behind you
    • Leg Press:
      • From standing, bend right knee and press behind you to straighten (ankle flexed)
    • Straight Lift:
      • From standing, flatten back (more space between body and bar), and raise right leg and extend behind you. Full range of motion encouraged. 
    • Straight Pulses: 
      • Same as previous lift, but pulse at raised position; “down an inch, up an inch”
    • Hamstring Bend and Reach: 
      • From standing, bend right knee and reach leg behind you from raised to lowered position; toes pointed. “Swooping” motion. 
    • 90 Degree Pulses: 
      • From standing, raise right leg behind you and form 90 degree angle with your knee. Pulse: “down an inch, up an inch”
    • Repeat series with opposite leg.
  • Arm Series; legs in plié squat position. Engage/contract arm and core muscles. Each exercise for 60 seconds, total = 5 minutes.
    • Cross punches
    • Rows (slight forward bend)
    • Triceps (extensions and presses behind you)
    • Biceps (uppercut and hook punches)
    • Scarecrow: Arms extended to the sides, 90 deg angle, rotate wrists up and down, keep elbows fairly stationary. 
  • Finale!
    • “Spiderman” push-ups
      • In, regular push-up/plank position, bring right knee to right elbow while bending left elbow. Repeat with left knee to left elbow while bending right elbow. Repeat 15 times, pausing for rest if necessary. 
  • NOTE: During squats, tract the knees over 1st and 2nd toes.

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