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Best {healthy} Frozen Pizza

So you’re craving pizza (or your family is craving pizza), but you don’t want to order something OR make something from scratch. AND you don’t want to buy something in a box from the store that has a gazillllllion ingredients. Well, I compromised and bought something in a box from the store that DOESN’T have a gazillion ingredients and it’s healthy and delicious. And I know the phrase “healthy and delicious” is not always true when buying something pre-made from the store, but you guys….this is actually HEALTHY AND DELICIOUS. The crust is unlike any other “healthy” crust I’ve tried…and trust me, I’ve tried my fair share, including cauliflower crusts, quinoa crusts, gluten-free, whole wheat, tortilla “crust”, etc. And guess what, this one’s the tastiest! It has cornmeal, chia seed, and carrot AND the texture is somehow SO good! Just good combinations all around…which is why this wins the best healthy frozen pizza award. IMO anyway…to each their own 😋.

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