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Baked Maple Bars

Did you read that correctly….”baked” maple bars? YES! Don’t get me wrong, these will not fool you into thinking you’re eating a real doughnut in all of its deep-fried goodness, BUT, it will certainly hit your maple bar spot, if you have one like I do.  I love me some good doughnuts. In fact, for one of my birthday parties growing up, I requested doughnuts instead of birthday cake. Doughnuts and a piñata for my 12th birthday👌🏼.

Back to the maple bars. I happen to think The Maple Bar is the superior doughnut.  Am I wrong? If you disagree, I’d actually be interested in hearing what your favorite doughnut is…Bearclaw? Apple Fritter, Boston Creme, plain glazed, old-fashioned cake style? UPDATE: Looking back on this post, I’ve since experienced a lot of artisan/gourmet doughnut establishments, and the flavors are creatively delicious. My current favorites are the Blueberry Lemon Mascarpone and Butterscotch Bacon from Good Dough in Jacksonville, FL.

Anyway, after I made these beauties I still had extra maple glaze (which by the way, is DIVINE), so I whipped in some cream cheese, butter, and additional powdered sugar to create a maple cream cheese frosting which would be ridiculously good on cinnamon rolls now that I think of it.  I’ll have to add that to the blog one of these days. And when I do….you’ll thank me 😉




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