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Baby Wearing – Ring Sling & Twingo Carrier Reviews


The twins are 11 weeks old! Woohoo! So, I finally gave my Maya Wrap Ring Sling a try….and it’s kind of amazing. I watched a couple of YouTube videos and learned how to thread the ring, put on the sling, and place the baby. It was magical to be holding my baby hands-free! 

Now I just need to figure out how to wear it with twins… 

Update: I never wore the ring sling with 2 babies. I just felt like it was too experimental with precious little bodies to keep snug and secure!


So instead….behold the TWINGO carrier. It’s seriously a lifesaver! The twins are nearly 14 months old now and I have been frequently using the Twingo since the babies were about 9 months old. At this point (each baby ~20 lbs in last photo below), they are getting a bit heavy to wear for long periods of time, but in shorter stretches (up to 20-30 minutes), this thing is PERFECT to wrangle 2 little sweethearts! 

9 months old
13 months old

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