And now, introducing…Fitness Fridays!

I am FINALLY making the effort to bring my realm of “Fitness Fridays” to the internet. Fitness Fridays? Okay, let me rewind about…one year ago. Approximately last Fall, back when I was still in L.A., my newly-post-partum-and-eager-to-exercise-again frame of mind stepped into gear and I began to design some circuit-styled workouts that I could do to get back in shape
(ideally a QUICK workout that I could do at home while the baby was napping or something that would entertain her
 for 15 minutes if she was awake).

After a couple of weeks of working out alone, I thought it would be more fun if a few mom-friends and I could gather at a park and do the exercises together while our little babies just chilled in their strollers. Okay, sooooo they didn’t always just chill; they did normal baby things like got bored, antsy, lonely, all of which = workout interruptions. But you know what? It actually panned out and we got some great workouts in (even if only one or two of us showed up…which was often the case!). At any rate, these Fitness Fridays continued through the winter and into Spring (meanwhile, I signed up for my NASM personal trainer certification program in March–woohoo!), until May came along and I started to pack-up our homes (and file away a precious chapter of our lives! sniff sniff…).  The summer was spent UN-packing and organizing our new home here in Portland while I continued to study for my personal trainer program. September 7th finally arrived and I took my exam, passed with flying colors (such a weird phrase, right?) and received my “official” certificate in the mail last week 🙂

Back to Fitness Fridays. 
I’ve already met some great women in my new network of friends and one of them (also Exercise Science background) is on-board with “co-hosting” Fitness Fridays with me; we had our first “session” last week (yep, just the 2 4 of us (babies included). These circuit-styled workouts (often called High Intensity Interval Training or H.I.I.T.) aren’t anything fancy. They are ubiquitously known on the web and in gyms across the country. They may involve some push-ups here, some burpees there. Throw in some jump-rope (with or without actual rope!) and some mountain-climbers…you see where I’m headed. And if you don’t, then stay tuned and follow along with Fitness Fridays. Our Friday workouts won’t exclusively be H.I.I.T style, but will also include yoga, Speed-Agility-Quickness (SAQ) drills (important for us soccer players 😉 and whatever other exercises our little hearts desire. I’m going to do my best to transcribe all of my workouts and have them right here on my blog so anyone in the virtual world who happens to read this and shares an interest can participate. Which I highly recommend that you do! You’ll learn some new exercise moves and see just how easy (and inexpensive) it can be to just MOVE, burn calories, feel energized, be strong, and look great. 
Alright, that’s it. 
Next week I’ll have a sneak peek workout for you 🙂

12/12/13 UPDATE: 
 I’m soooooorrry.
I totally lied here and did NOT follow through with a sneak peek workout for you!
Please proceed to this post for an update on Fitness Fridays AND an actual workout 🙂

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