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Food Pods in Portland, OR

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I wrote this journal entry back on August 23, 2013 when the format of my blog was a little different and more personal.  One of the highlights, was a crab melt I had for lunch that was purchased at one of the many Portland food cart “pods” downtown. They are located throughout the city, but the most popular area of consecutive pods is located between Southwest Alder and Washington streets, from Southwest Ninth to Southwest Tenth avenues. But rumor has it that it is going to be replaced with one of Portland’s largest hotels! Oh, such a shame….I’m hoping there will be a relocation solution for the food carts. It’s definitely a fun and unique (and delicious!) way to experience Portland, offering several types of cuisine. My favorite (as I reminisce after leaving Portland 3 years ago) was this Indian food pod that had the BEST Chicken Korma I’ve ever had….and I’ve been to a LOT of Indian restaurants.  But you know what….this crab melt, now that I think of it, is a runner-up in my book of favorites. Fresh Dungeness crab (from the Oregon coast, of course!). layered with melty cheese between 2 slices of fresh crusty bread.  I don’t know how you can beat that. Comfort food at its best.

I’m sure enjoying my time on the East Coast, but now…Portland is tugging on my heart just a little….and it always will.
Daily Recap, August 23, 2013
6:30 AM – Woke up, fed baby
7:30 AM – Got locked outside (with baby!) and therefore became acquainted with a new neighbor I hadn’t met yet–she let me use her phone (thanks, Debbie!).
8:45 AM – Attended Pilates class (drop-in childcare at my community rec center is the besssssst)
10:00 AM –  Baby took a nap while I studied for NASM CPT Exam
12:30 PM – Surprised hubby at work for a brief…very brief…lunch date
1:30 PM – Baby and I befriended an elderly gentlemen and his dog as they played ball behind a fence near where we parked for the lunch date. Sweet guy and his chipper yellow lab “Goldie”!
2 PM – Little C and I perused the nearby Farmer’s Market and bought some produce. I also ate a gloooorious Dungeness crab melt, as featured in the photo, from one of the many prolific food “pods” in Portland.
4 PM – I made an experimental batch of lemon bars using coconut flour crust and a “low suger” filling, but they were a little dry, so I ruined all the healthiness by dousing it in a syrupy sweet lemon-butter glaze. I hope neighbor Debbie likes lemon…

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