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Twin Pregnancy: 36 Weeks!

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Well first of all, I’m nearly 36 weeks and you better believe that I’m doing double the belly support with both the belt AND the tape: And a side view without the belt, well because…it’s kind of astonishing, right?! Secondly, Happy Thanksgiving!! I know that I really do have so much to be thankful for. And you know, right now I could be in a real downer mood because I found out a couple days ago that baby A (baby closest to cervix) is BREECH. As a mama who has had 2 previous unmedicated vaginal births by preference, the thought of having a Cesarean surgery is NOT EVEN CLOSE to my ideal birth or method of delivery (I know it’s not the end of the world, but I’m really hoping to avoid it). So really, why should I complain? We live in a country with accessible hospitals, proficient physicians, and heck, even running water! I know that there are risks with bringing babies into the world, even if you have the best care available to you. So I’m grateful. Grateful to have a powerful body that has been able to grow and carry 2 babies for 8 months so far. Grateful to have a supportive husband and extended family, grateful for my 2 daughters and that we’re expecting two more VERY soon. I could go on with my blessings, but let’s get back to those imminent baby girls inside of me!

I’m 36 weeks and I’m praying that baby A decides to flip before the big “C” day…. scheduled during my 38th week. If they check her position the day of and she HAS flipped into a head-down position, then they will just induce me. Just trying to stay positive and focus on the health of these girls and bring them home safely. Again, Happy Thanksgiving ❤

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