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First Birthday Checklist

We celebrated Baby C’s FIRST BIRTHDAY yesterday! We had to do it early because of the upcoming move, which really means we get to celebrate her twice, and that’s just fine by me 😏. But now that May 25th is a thing of the past, I can finally breathe again! You’d be surprised how much time and energy throwing your baby’s first birthday party actually consumes. And yes, I was methodical for months weeks in advance, but even so, that last week of party planning implementation is a real time sucker. Thankfully I had a lot of help from some wonderful friends (and from my husband!…who is also my friend. duh.). And of course, the effort expenditure all depends on what expectations you have for the little guy/girl’s first birthday party. If Daniel had it his way, he would have had a couple of close friends and family members over, bought a cupcake from the nearest bakery, stuck a candle in it and called it good 🙂 I wanted a little more than that…including (but not limited to): fun decorations, an outdoor setting, large group of friends/family, a theme (beach/under the sea), finger foods & cupcakes, cute birthday hat, balloons…I think those were all the crucial details my little heart desired.

Here’s what my “to-do” (i.e. to bake/prepare/buy) list looked like about a week and a half ago:


And then on the night before the big day, you have to think of extra small details (small, yet important!), like tape for securing the tablecloths, garbage bag to put Little C’s messy post-cake clothes in, camera, etc.

Photo banner (monthly photos of Little C – Polaroid style)
Needless to say it was a busy, yet wonderful day! We had so much fun singing to our sweet baby girl for her first birthday and watching her poke her curious little finger into the frosting and take a sample lick. She maintained a slow yet continuous pace as she munched on her first taste of cake…and frosting…and marshmallow….

the aftermath

I think we had a pretty happy birthday girl 🙂


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