Today we did yoga…aaah. I have been decently sore these past couple of days from a “powerball” class I went to earlier in the week, so yoga was just what my body needed.
Here’s more-or-less the routine we did :
-Chair pose
-Quad stretch –> dancer pose and other balance poses
-Plank/abs/side plank
-Cat/cow, child’s pose, shoulder stretches
-Vinyasa –> down dog calf stretches
-Vinyasa –> leg raises (open hip)
-Vinyasa –> crescent pulses
-Warrior Dance Series
-warrior 1
-warrior 2
-reverse warrior
-extended side angle
Repeat for 3 or 4 cycles while front knee stays at ninety degree angle.
-Triangle pose/airplane hamstring stretch/twisted triangle
-Rock and roll back massage
-Happy baby
– Bridge
-Seated hamstring stretch (extension at ankles)
-Crossover-leg glute stretch

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