Tricky Penguins & My 2-Faced Pumpkin


Today I went with a friend to the Portland Zoo where they were celebrating the twin tigers’ 15th birthday along with a trick-or-treating party. We especially made it a point to visit the penguin exhibit!

(We wanted to swing by the ducks in the Northwest division of the zoo since my friend’s baby was an Oregon Ducks cheerleader, but unfortunately the pathway to that section was closed due to construction).
So, the big question here is…

What’s so tricky about these penguins? 
Meaning, the real penguins (although my toddler has a few tricks of her own)
Here’s what the poster behind my little cutie says: 

“The Humboldt penguins’ black and white colors are more than a fancy suit! When their black backs are viewed from above, Humboldt penguins are difficult to see against the dark water.

When viewed from below, their white underparts help them all but disappear against the silvery light filtering down from the sky. This counter shading makes them less visible to predators, such as seals and sharks.”

Now you can go on with the rest of your day not being haunted with the question “why are the penguins so tricky?!”  đź™‚

Oh, and I hope you enjoyed my 2-faced schizophrenic pumpkin. I didn’t intend the paint to run down on the scary side, but it does make him look even more frightful! Frightfully delightful, I say.

Happy and safe Halloween!!!

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