Trick or Treat or…Not?


So it’s almost that time. Cute kids will permeate the streets and petition for candy dressed as goblins, superheroes, veggie tales, etc. Growing up as a trick-or-treater myself, I literally had a count down until the last day of the month when I could knock doors and fill my pillowcase (yes, pillowcase) with sugary goodness.  

But now that I’m a mom and raising a potential trick-or-treater (BTW, Little C will be a strawberry–Aaaadorbs), I’m actually questioning whether to do the typical door knocking thing with my little one(s) when Halloween rolls around each year.  I mean, I remember the horror stories of psychos putting razor blades or poison in the candy they hand out, kidnappings, etc. and suddenly I’m semi-freaking out before my little one is even old enough to talk, let alone say “trick or treat”.  Maybe I’ll be comfortable going to a few houses around the block where I know my neighbors well and then come home to pumpkin-spiced hot chocolate and a spooky (but not nightmare-encouraging) movie.  

Yes, that sounds much safer. I even think our church does an annual “trunk-or-treat” where they just collect candy out of car trunks in the parking lot.
 Perfectly safe. 

(Somehow I’m going to try to not be the paranoid parent I told myself I would never be, nor the overprotective type…yeah, I’m wishing myself luck already. Looking back, I could be such a senseless teenager at times…I’m sorry mom and dad!!  I’m SORRYYYyyyyy…)

As I was saying…

If I was still 14 8, I would definitely be excited to dress up and go trick-or-treating. It’s a tradition I think should live on. I’m just not sure to what extent I will have my kids participate when there are equally fun (and still sugar-coma inducing!) alternatives. 




1) It’s been my goal to complete a major recreational event within six months post-pregnancy as means of motivation to get back into shape. SO, I’m about to sign up for this half marathon (which I’m totally stoked about because it’s in the Bay area and I can’t wait to visit San Francisco again!). It’s on December 8…which is only 6 weeks away and I’m just now starting to train. Oops. 

2) Chorizo tacos. I had one at the Tacos Leo taco truck and it was quite tasty (still nothing compared to their Al Pastor taco, but tasty nonetheless). So I decided to recreate this taco at home and I bought some chorizo from the grocery store–Farmer John brand. Do yourself a favor if you ever buy chorizo (which is basically Mexican pork sausage), do NOT read the ingredient list. DON’T DO IT.  Just enjoy some homemade chorizo tacos (or scramble with eggs; even better!) in ignorant bliss. 

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