The UltraMind Solution


I found this book by happy accident at the library today:

Which fits right in with my previous post on Dr. Hyman’s “Metabolism” books. Now, unfortunately I don’t have any comments as I haven’t even cracked it open yet, but I’m excited to delve in tomorrow! 
Commentary to come 🙂


  1) I’ve been on a bean kick lately. Well, if you consider occasionally-over-the-past-3-months to be “lately”.  What I mean is that I’ve been buying dried beans and soaking/cooking them instead of buying canned beans. Sure it takes a little extra time, but the effort is minimal (soak over night, then cook during the next day before adding to your recipe), and it’s significantly cheaper than the cans. I usually freeze what I don’t immediately use. Bean beans the magical fruit! Er…legume.


2)  Lululemon Wunder Under leggings: I want! Yes, “want” not “need”, blah blah blah

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