The “Elephant” Element

Pop quiz for the science whiz:  
So you thought there were only 114 115 elements on the Periodic Table?  

You are forgetting the elephant element. That’s right, there’s a new atomic kid in town and it’s the heavy grey one trying to blend in with all the others.
Here’s the scoop:
Let me begin by explaining that since Daniel and I were married nearly 6 years ago, he contributed to our joint household a peculiar shower curtain that he had previously received as a (gag?) gift from his sister-in-law: a shower curtain depicting a rather large Periodic Table of the Elements (although he did get his Master’s degree in Chemical Engineering…).  So, being our nerdy selves, we thought it would be fun to hang onto the curtain for the future kiddos. And we did; it now resides in Little C’s bathroom as the {inner} shower curtain.
So today when I was giving Little C a bath, she noticed it for the first time and pointed at one of the element squares. I said “yes, that’s an element.”  She immediately proceeded to hold up her arm and imitated an ELEPHANT: “Harrrooooomph!” (think high pitched elephant noise).
It had to have made it onto the top ten adorable moments of all time. Seriously, I could not stop laughing and looking at her with utmost adoration. I then tried to emphasize the word ELEMENT, but she would continue to make her elephant noise and arm motion…a practice we have perfected with her over the past couple of weeks. Remember, this is a 14-month-old, so her understanding is quite limited but she continues to amaze us and demonstrates unceasingly what a sharp little girl she is.
So there you have it. The elephant element.


I concocted a healthy “cookies and cream” milkshake tonight that was pretty darn delicious. It consisted of frozen bananas (which, if you didn’t know already, create a soft-serve ice cream texture when whipped up by a food processor or blender), almond milk, ice cubes, vanilla extract, and refrigerated chocolate chip cookie dough from this recipe (fiber + gluten free). Perhaps I will perfect the milkshake using dough without raw eggs and post the recipe to share…

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