The Call For Frugality

This procrastinator post for a Thursday Thought might just turn into a very interesting topic. I have been wiling away my time over the past 2 hours reading articles on this Mr. Money Mustache blog; it definitely creates some food for thought. 
I also recently (as in yesterday) decided that I’m going to be pulling out a designated amount of cash each week for grocery expenses. While I will miss out on accruing Rewards on our credit card, it will provide something more valuable: Self Discipline! Yep, we’re trying to abide by a budget and this will require some tactical approaches.  I’m also learning how to make my own laundry detergent. We’ll see how it goes…
What are you doing to {attempt to} live frugally?
Just curious. 

2 thoughts on “The Call For Frugality

  1. I enter our purchases in a budget spreadsheet immediately after I spend the money, and I pay off our credit card multiple times per month. Then we feel the hit more immediately.

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