The Big Switch (to cloth diapers…)


Yes, I’m doing it: switching from disposable to cloth diapers (gasp!!!! or at least insert “gasp” for my husband’s sake…since he’s the one doing some serious gasping around here 😉

I figured I may as well save money where I can (and why not preserve a little landfill space right?) AND, I will admit they are pretty darn cute and probably much comfier on baby’s bum. I know I wouldn’t want to wear plastic underwear…
Anyway, I haven’t made the switch quite yet; I’m still in learning/preparation mode. Who knew that so much when into cloth diapering?! Well, apparently a bunch of mamas (and dads) out there did because there is a whooooole bunch of lingo, brands, and opinions on the matter that I didn’t know existed…until now, that is.
Do I get the pocket type or the all-in-ones, the Flips inserts or the prefolds, and then there’s liners, detergents, and sooo many diaper brands to choose from; it can all be quite overwhelming! Thanks to my friend and her trusty recommendations, I feel loads more informed than I would have just looking into it on my own. Thanks, Em! 🙂

And since I haven’t actually started with cloth diapers, I don’t really have anything more to say on the topic….yet 🙂

Wish me luck for a smooth transition!


Check out my 2-week review on cloth diapering here.

Oh and it’s been awhile since I’ve had any snippets, so here goes…


1)  Lately my husband has been on the night shift at work, which only means one thing…it’s chick flick night for me 🙂  (well, sometimes).  Anyway, I wanted to share what I thought were 2 really good chick flicks I found on Amazon Prime. And I mean, c’mon…can chick flicks reeeeeally be that good? No. BUT–these ones I really liked! They are My Girlfriend’s Boyfriend and A Good Woman. I thought they were not as predictable as most chick flicks and they both have a little twist at the end. You can look them up on IMDB 🙂

2) Easter is right around the corner, which means I will also be on the hunt for my favorite holiday candy (YES, OUT OF ALL THE HOLIDAY CANDY…ALL OF THEM): Peepsters. NO, not Peeps…those are gross. I have yet to find them, but I will search to the ends of the earth (or the ends of L.A. at least) to get my hands on a bag before they’re gone. I will probably dedicate an entire post to these delightful morsels as we get closer to Easter (which, BTW, is March 31….I didn’t realize until the other day that it wasn’t in April this year…).

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  1. Haha, Em, I've been meaning to write you an update via FB or email, but now that you've commented, maybe I'll just blog about my experience thus far with CD…I'll start writing it now 😉

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