Test Run: Emergency Preparedness

Sorry, babe….I had to record this moment for posterity’s sake 🙂

So, last week on family night, AKA Family Home Evening, Daniel and I were discussing what we would do in various emergency situations, e.g. fire, earthquake, etc. –especially now that we have Little C to watch out for. 

You see, our bedroom windows are a bit high and not super easy to access, let alone climb out of in the event of an emergency. We were running through the scenario of a fire and Daniel, of course, needed to see if the baby’s changing table would support our weight to reach the window. And….
Nope. Didn’t hold, haha. Better that we tested it now rather than during a real fire! Now we know to just take an extra 5 seconds and pull a collapsible chair out of the closet…

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