Lately I’ve been trying to buy produce as recommended by the Environmental Worker’s Group, which is to avoid the “Dirty Dozen” (or at least buy organic) and try to focus on the “Clean Fifteen”. NOT because organic produce is any more nutritious than non-organic produce (according to this source), but simply because you are avoiding fruits and veggies contaminated with pesticides/potentially toxic residues, supporting organic farmers and eco and animal friendly farm environments. 

BUT–sometimes I just don’t care about buying organic.

Like when apples (yes, non-organic) are on sale for 59 cents a pound. 

…because then I can buy lots and lots of apples to make a satisfactory amount of delicious homemade applesauce.

I decided to mix-up my method this time and make applesauce without peeling the apples first (I wanted to retain all the fiber-y goodness of the peel). So, I merely chopped the apples (all 7 lbs of them…another reason I didn’t want to peel!), removed the cores, tossed the fruit into a food processor and ran until I had small chunks of apple mush.

(I used a combo of Granny Smith, Golden Delicious, and Gala…hence the various colors) 

 I transferred the mush to my crock pot and cooked overnight on low, about 7-8 hours. 
After waking to the scent of warm apples, I followed my nose to the kitchen and proceeded to add cinnamon. I was going to add sugar, too, but found upon a taste test that it was unnecessary; ahhh the sweetness of fresh Fall apples. 

This recipe/strategy does produce a more “hefty” texture to your applesauce, due to the peel. If you prefer a smoother sauce, spin it through your blender and you will have smooth, creamy applesauce–peel and all!

Oh, and I decided to keep some of the applesauce in the crock pot and cooked a few hours longer to create apple butter

After cooking to its full potential, I added some brown sugar, more cinnamon, and blended to a satiny smooth consistency with the Blendtec. 

The result was even more exciting than the applesauce. 

 I like adding it to my plain yogurt

 Or on toast. 


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