Postpartum Exercise Timeline

Hello ladies! I’ve been meaning to share more postpartum pics but pumping to feed twins…and catching cat naps…has pretty much taken over my life ?.

In the meantime, I found this postpartum workout timeline and I would say, from experience, that it’s pretty on track with a general postpartum recovery. I know that I have jumped the gun in the past by starting to run around 6 weeks after delivery and I suffered for it (incontinence + knee tendonitis), BUT…everyone is different! And each pregnancy is different. This chart is a good guideline for easing back into the fitness realm and the author has some good things to say on it over at Anchored Mommy.

As for now, I am antsy to begin working out again (today I am 11 weeks postpartum), so I will be doing a low-impact HIIT routine that I designed a couple of years ago. Let me know if there’s any interest, and I can share that on here as well!

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