Play “Dates”


I have just recently arranged with a new mom-friend to have weekly play dates for our 2 babies (they just happen to be on Thursdays, making “Thoughtful Thursdays” even better 😉

And then I got to thinking…

don’t we ALL need a play “date”? 
Yes. In fact, we should all schedule some “me” time or maybe special time with a loved one we don’t see much during the day (spouse, child, etc.), and do this…wait for it….
Every. Single. Day.
What?? Is that even possible? I think so. Even if it’s just 10 minutes to take a break and read a book alone, snuggle with your child, talk casually with your teenager, take a NAP, pet your cat without multitasking, do a hobby you rarely make time for anymore, exercise, etc. etc. etc. 
It’s possible. 
So, do it: schedule yourself some regular play “dates” to take care of yourself, nurture your relationships, and have some fun! 

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