Note To Self

It’s my new goal to make “Thursday Thoughts” a little more, you know, thoughtful. No more cheater posts like a new recipe (or anything related to food, really). So here’s this week’s real Thursday Thought: 

Think about these words. I am in love with this quote. Slow down people. Enjoy life; let your kids enjoy life. Play outside. Be home and chill. 
When I saw this on Pinterst, it immediately struck me. As it should have, right? I mean, with my whole “I love to be busy” mantra as shown in the upper right hand of my blog, I think this definitely resonates with my lifestyle. I need to realize that being busy isn’t something to tout about. It’s not “being busy” that makes life wonderful. It’s what you’re actually doing (or not doing!). Is it okay to be busy blogging while Little C naps (literally the case right now)? Yes. Is it okay to be busy running important errands? Yes.  Is it okay to be busy folding laundry while taking a break to play peek-a-boo? Absolutely! Or skip the laundry altogether and just play! Is it okay to schedule one thing after another and become SO busy that you don’t have time for the things that really matter? 
                                                                                             …not so much. 
And while I like to brag to Daniel about my multi-tasking skills (which drives him extremely a bit crazy that I usually can’t sit through a full movie without simultaneously shopping online, blogging, or reviewing grocery sales…), sometimes that’s exactly what I need to do: try single-tasking. Yup, do one thing at a time and savor it. “STOP THE GLORIFICATION OF BUSY, ME!” Yes, that was me talking to myself.
So that, my friends, is my food for thought this thoughtful Thursday (say that 5 times fast…). Hopefully it’s actually thought-provoking rather than taste-bud watering like some of my previous Thursday posts 🙂

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