My Green Thumb

I have exciting news. 
The place we found in Portland has a solarium–a room enclosed entirely by windows that hangs off the dining area in our new townhome and overlooks a beautiful grove of trees.  We wanted to find an affordable place that had a lot of natural light, so we certainly lucked out with this gem of a find!
You know what else this means, right? From the title of this post I’m sure you have guessed it: 
I am soon to become a real gardener. 
{well, a solarium gardener anyway…and maybe a back porch gardener…}
First, I needed to find out which “hardiness zone” Portland, Oregon is considered to be in order to know which plants will thrive in that region. 

So I found this handy map on the USDA website:

And at you can actually search by zip code:

So it looks like our area of Portland is Zone 8b…ish.

And now moving on to find Zone 8b plants!

The Old Farmer’s Almanac has some good stuff:

And this Veggie Harvest website provides some helpful scheduling tips for planting:

Including this Vegetable Garden Planting Calendar!

That’s all the research I’ve done for now. I’m excited to learn more and start experimenting with my green thumb when we move next month 🙂

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