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So, as I have recently decided to create a public blog–this blog–(as opposed to my personal family blog, which is private), I decided that “Thursday Thoughts” is going to be my way of saying what’s on my mind and maybe adding a few random “snippets”, or mini thoughts, worth sharing (or at least I think worth sharing…it’s my blog, I can do what I want 🙂

I can’t believe I’ve already lived in Los Angeles for 4 years and counting. I mean, election time is right around the corner and to think I was here for the last election 4 years ago…it’s just crazy to me (BTW, I’m originally from Oregon, went to college at BYU in Utah, and then followed my hubby to Los Angeles in 2008 when he began med school at UCLA…that’s my geographical history in a nutshell for ya). 

Back to politics. One thing I can’t stand is when people cannot courteously agree to disagree. I believe everyone is entitled to their own opinion and stuffing it down another person’s throat, no matter how “right” you think you are, is 100% not okay (unless you happen to like losing friends). This is not something I have personally experienced, thank goodness, but of course we see it everywhere. It often seems to erect a mistrustful barrier between relationships that were once healthy and respectful. 

Now, I understand when debates need to happen and a president has to be chosen. I still can’t stand all the finger pointing during these events, but at least they were never friends to begin with, right? 

Okay, that’s my 2 cents on politics for now (and don’t worry, most “Thursday Thoughts” will not be charged with political/social issues…phew). 

On to the snippets.


1)  Did this one day last week (grocery shopped on one day and food prepped on the next) and have LOVED nearly effortless dinners these past few days. My fetish for freezer crock-pot meals has just begun…Pinterest here I come!

2)  I randomly came across this webpage somehow (can’t remember how on earth, but regardless…) and decided to order some free materials, e.g. “poison control” stickers, pamphlets, etc. Can never be too informed and prepared, especially with wee ones in the house! 

3)  I’ve been coveting (and actually in need of) Rainbow flip-flops since my Reefs finally died. So on our recent beach trip to San Clemente we stopped by the Rainbow outlet and picked some up. I had previously only heard good things and so far I love them! Are you a fan of Rainbow flip-flops? How long have they lasted for you? 

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