I know it’s not a very creative title, but it’s straightforward because I am, in fact, injured… kinda seriously…ish.  I’m pretty sure it’s an abdominal muscle strain, and possibly a 2nd grade tear, which I’m NOT excited about. It means I really can’t do anything that I normally do for a fitness routine…not even yoga! Booooo. Anyway, I’m hanging in there (you know, getting fat and happy with my new sedentary life and chronic baking addiction). However, I am running a 5k on Saturday with some besties. It will have been exactly 1 week with no–and I mean nada, zilch, ZERO–exercise & minimal stretching. Don’t worry, I’ll make sure to warm-up adequately. I feel like this will be a good test to see if my abdominal strain is affected by running or not (after resting for a week…). PLUS, it’s not like I’m starting again with crunches or a Zumba routine (I’ve actually never done Zumba …I just know there’s a lot of hip-swiveling and therefore ab-focused action going on). 
Now for the real thoughtful part of this Thoughtful Thursday segment: 

I really am so grateful for my body and my overall health. I have been blessed to avoid major illness and injury throughout my life (not counting the fact that I have broken my left arm…twice…by the time I was 10…). Even when I occasionally get a sore throat in the winter or a runny nose, I feel like it’s the end of the world. Daniel laughs at me. And he should, right? I mean, there are sooooo many very sick people out there and it breaks my heart knowing that their quality of life (physically, and perhaps emotionally & mentally) is far below what I am currently able to enjoy. Do I have all 5 senses? Check. All my limbs? Check. In a mutually happy, healthy, & fulfilling relationship? Check. I really am truly blessed and while I’m not exactly grateful for this pesky muscle strain, I am extremely grateful for the perspective it gives me. 

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