I’m Sew Crafty

…actually, I’m probably THE least crafty person I know. Especially since I have many talented and VERY crafty friends, but I will say that I have doubled my efforts lately to sew two items of great importance:

#1: Strawberry bottoms

Yes, you heard that right. I needed some red bottoms for my wee one’s bum since her strawberry Halloween costume didn’t come with any. And since she was a little big for the costume anyway, she DEFINITELY needed some red bottoms to blend her in with the rest of the costume. 

If only it had been a onesie like this one below, but *sigh* it wasn’t...

So, I was running out of time with Halloween just around the corner and decided first to check the “99 Cent Only Store”, since it ROCKS and they happen to have a few baby items, including clothes. I was hoping they *might* have some red bottoms/shorts/pants, but…..they didn’t. However, they did have a large red fleece hat:

{oops, I didn’t take a “before” picture; use your imagination}

 I figured I could put 2 small leg holes in and some elastic around the edges to create a waistband. No big deal, right? Right. Kind of….

It was a simple idea and thankfully with some tips from this website,
and after a couple hours getting used to my sewing machine…again…
 I was able to pull it off:
Phone snapshot, hence not the greatest picture

Strawberry bottoms.

#2: Door latch silencer
This is a tutorial I found on Pinterest at HelloBee. They say this is great for baby’s room so he/she can’t hear when you come in to get a little sneak peek, but I am actually making this for MY bedroom 
(so the hubster doesn’t wake up when I come in and out from feeding Little C in the midnight hours–he’s a very light sleeper!).

sew sew sew sew sew sew sew 


I just finished it today, so we’ll give it a shot tonight and see if it works its 
latch-silencing magic 🙂 

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