Food Medicine: The Key to Health & Weight Management


Once again I am reaping the benefits of my public library! This time, I checked out The Ultra-Metabolism Cookbook, by Mark Hyman, M.D. 

  The UltraMetabolism Cookbook: 200 Delicious Recipes that Will Turn on Your Fat-Burning DNA By: MD Mark Hyman 

I had wanted to read his book Ultra-Metabolism first, but it wasn’t available. 


However, the cookbook outlines Dr. Hyman’s background as an experienced physician with years of practice and research involving food and metabolism; using food to heal and prevent illness, toxicity, and disease (including obesity, diabetes, etc.). Dr. Hyman explains how when we eat the right foods–whole foods & non-processed–our metabolism is revved and our bodies run efficiently to keep us healthy & trim and to maintain a positive relationship with food!

Being the appreciator of delicious and quality food myself, I am totally on board with this philosophy. In fact, Dr. Hyman’s area of research with the concept of using food to heal our bodies and promote overall vitality and wellness, has been the peak of educational interest throughout my life. For example, in college I started out as a Physiology & Developmental Biology major, but then decided it was too hard for me at the time… 🙂 …and moved on to Nutritional Science & Dietetics. In this Department, I felt there was a ubiquitous notion that counting calories was far superior to actual food choice, and that was something I just didn’t agree with. I couldn’t see the logic of choosing a margarine with preservatives and hydrogenated oils (which convert to trans-fats in your system) over natural butter.  
 Now, this is assuming you’re not eating cubes of butter nor spoonfuls of margarine…fat is fat and should be used with moderation.
Oh, so then I switched over to Exercise Science and I graduated a happy camper. 

Moving on…

I’ve only read a few pages in the section preceding the recipes, titled: “Ultra-Metabolism: A Revolution in Food and Medicine”, so I haven’t learned everything he has to say, but I’d like to share this quote: 

 “The science of nutrition has advanced far beyond what the average person hears about in the media or from health care practitioners. Consensus among scientists and researchers about what constitutes a healthy diet actually does exist.  Unfortunately, we don’t hear about this research because the food industry and the government encourage confusion and the consumption of foods that feed profit, not health”.  

Yesssss!!! So when people question this sort of eating lifestyle in contrast to “current” research, Dr. Hyman has summarized exactly why common medical practices and diets fail to address whole body nutrition.  It’s sad when we as consumers come second to profit, but that’s just how it is (for now, anyway). All we can do is educate ourselves and try to do the best we can, which I know first hand isn’t always easy. 

These past couple of months I have been eating more whole foods and instead of using refined flours/carbs, fats, sugars, I’ve substituted natural fats, oils, & sugars (e.g. avocados, nut butters, natural butter, coconut oil, honey & maple syrup) and I haven’t felt better. I have lots of energy* (which is great since Little C keeps me plenty busy!), and I feel leaner/less bloated, BUT–it can be more time-consuming, expensive, and takes some getting used to. As for me, I love it. I don’t crave the junk or even the complex carbs like I thought I would.  Although, I’m not super hard-core about this and will still make exceptions now and then when I want traditional pizza, pasta, etc, but then it’s more like a treat. More often than not I am eating mostly fresh salads and fruit, nut butters, yogurt… Anyway, I could ramble like this forever, but I need to read Ultra-Metabolism before I can continue my commentary.
Until then, Ultra-Metabolism cookbook here I come!

*note that I am also exercising regularly, which definitely contributes to increased energy!

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