Festival Weekend!

I’m not a big festival-goer.  

With time constraints and endless options for summer fun, many fairs and festivals get left behind. 


We just happen to be attending 2 festivals this weekend!

The first will be a new experience: the great Tualatin Crawfish Festival
The second, we will attend my hometown Scandinavian Festival on Saturday.

My husband penned it well when he extended the invitation to some friends via email: 

“Hey guys,
Hope and I wanted to extend an open invitation to  join us at a couple of festivals this weekend. The first is the Tualatin Crawfish Festival. Yes, you read that right. Crawfish.  You can check out the details here: http://tualatincrawfishfestival.com.  We’re going to go Friday evening and eat ourselves some crawfish. It looks like kind of a small-ish deal, so we might be the only two people there, but if you want to join us, feel free; we’ll be heading over there after work on Friday

Saturday we’re driving down to Hope’s home town of Junction City to check out the Scandinavian Festival.  It’s a pretty big deal, or at least Hope remembers it being a pretty big deal to her small town.”
So there you have it. We are happy festival-goers this weekend. 
What are YOU doing this weekend?

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