Feelings for Fall


The Summer season here in the Great Northwest is slowly…very slowly…saying its goodbyes (78 degree high today!). Which is just fine by me, as we have enjoyed this particularly hot Oregon summer. But seeing a few trees finally start to lose some leaves can’t help but get me a little excited for the turn of Fall and the holidays ahead; the smell of warm cinnamon, a cozy sweater, fresh apples, the rustle of crisp Autumn leaves beneath your feet….ahhh, you have to admit there is some magic in it, right?  While I can’t deny that 70 degree weather year-round with constant blue skies and quick access to beautiful beaches was utterly wonderful during our past 5 years in Los Angeles, I did miss experiencing Fall, Winter, and Spring at its full potential. So when Fall officially begins this coming Sunday September 22nd, I will be welcoming this seasonal transition with open arms 🙂

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