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So as I was on a run this morning, my mind wandered to a few topics that I need to record here on my blog (or on my family blog). And then I began to think about how blogging has pretty much taken over my efforts to write in a journal, which, I actually used to be quite good at. I have a box filled with many journals I’ve filled over the years and I will say that I am proud to have them. But, for some reason, I stopped journaling right around the time I got married. Not sure why that is. Perhaps because often I would fill my journal pages as an outlet for emotion and confidence, whereas when I married Daniel (which in the Mormon world is when cohabitation begins), suddenly I was with my 2nd half all the time. At that point I think he definitely began to serve as a sponge for my thought vomit (which is probably how it should be as a trustful spouse and best friend!). Regardless, at about that time, I stopped writing in my journal. If it was a fun memorable weekend or holiday, I would fail to record even a sentence, which is unlike the diligent historian I had commonly been. So, a few months into newlywed-land, I discovered the amazing blogosphere and began to record the events of our lives through our current family blog. And even more recently, this “hobby” blog of mine was born as I decided to write about my interests and routine thoughts.

I know this concept isn’t very exciting…and I’m a little surprised you’re still reading this, BUT–I thought it was a least food for thought and perhaps I’ll revisit the idea of “journaling” and make it a goal to continue writing in my journal at least about the things that are a bit more private in my life. I find that those are the thoughts and experiences truly worth going back and reading anyway.
*No snippets today*

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