Best {healthy} Frozen Pizza

So you’re craving pizza (or your family is craving pizza), but you don’t want to order something OR make something from scratch. AND you don’t want to buy something in a box from the store that has a gazillllllion ingredients. …

New Zealand Countryside

“The land of the long white cloud” is the nearest translation of “Aotearoa”, the Māori name for New Zealand. I took hundreds of breathtaking photos during our vacation 18 months ago and I’m dreaming of the day we can return …

Postpartum Exercise Timeline

I found a postpartum workout timeline that, from my own experience anyway, is pretty on track with a general postpartum recovery.  I have jumped the gun in the past by starting to run around 6 weeks after delivery…and suffered for it (incontinence + knee tendonitis), but everyone is different!

Photo by Ev on Unsplash

Twin Birth Story

Well, it’s a month later, but the details on the birth of my 2 girls are as clear as ever, due to one main reason: C-section. The day had come and labor had not…I was at 38 weeks. The doctors …

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