A daily recap, that’s all.

Oh wow, it’s Thursday again, isn’t it?  
Not to mention almost Friday…
I don’t have anything super meaningful to share today, so here’s a summary of my busy {yet lovely} day for ya:
6:30 AM – Woke up, fed baby
7:30 AM – Got locked outside (with baby!) and therefore became acquainted with a new neighbor I hadn’t met yet–she let me use her phone (thanks, Debbie!).
8:45 AM – Attended Pilates class (drop-in childcare at my community rec center is the besssssss)
10:00 AM –  Baby took a nap while I studied for NASM CPT Exam
12:30 PM – Surprised hubby at work for a brief…very brief…lunch date
1:30 PM – Baby and I befriended an elderly gentlemen and his dog as they played ball behind a fence near where we parked for the lunch date. Sweet guy and his chipper yellow lab “Goldie”!
2 PM – Little C and I perused the nearby Farmer’s Market and bought some produce. I also ate a gloooorious Dungeness crab melt (picture coming soon) from one of the many prolific food “pods” in Portland.
4 PM – I made an experimental batch of lemon bars using coconut flour crust and “low-er” sugar filling, but they were a little dry, so I ruined all the healthiness by dousing it in a syrupy sweet lemon-butter glaze. I hope neighbor Debbie likes lemon…
That’s about it. Hubster is on call while I write my Thursday Thoughts here in the 11th hour, and I was considering studying until he gets home, but dreamland is beckoning…..zzzzzz.


  1. Cheryl says:

    At least you didn't get locked outside with baby inside!

    Lemon bars sound yummy. . .

  2. Hope says:

    Cheryl, I thought the same thing!

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