Light & Crispy Waffles

Do you find yourself saying “L’eggo my Eggo”? Do they even use that slogan anymore? Then these are the waffles for you! They are reminiscent of breakfast at Pa & Nana’s (grandparents on my dad’s side) when I was a …

Workout Stations

  This is basically a circuit rotation. Here are the exercise “stations” we had with 30-60 second intervals: 1. Mat – Abs 2. Squat to press with 5lb dumbbells 3. Mat w/ foam roller – SMR (self-myofacial release, i.e. massage) …

Superior Smoothie

REALLY tasty smoothie I concocted this morning: coconut milk & water, watermelon, frozen banana, frozen spinach, whey protein powder and a little honey.

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